Melting snow may cause flooding

By WEEK Reporter

February 14, 2014 Updated Feb 15, 2014 at 12:50 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- With temperatures expected to climb above normal next week, the risk for flooding will rise.

Rivers will likely start rising as ice cover and snow melt, but that's not the only concern, our roads and homes are also susceptible to problems.

After the winter we've had, warmer weather sounds great, but if it comes as fast as predicted next week, we could be in trouble because of all the snow.

"It's just all going to run off into tiles, sewers, cities, but also rivers and creeks and then we have the potential for flooding," said Chris Miller, National Weather Service.

Over the weekend, road crews will shift their focus from plowing to clearing...

"Our crews do go out and check drains along state routes to make sure they're clear that way when the warmer weather does come around the water will have a chance to go somewhere," said Brian Willamsen, Illinois Department of Transportation.

The roller coaster varying from a freeze to thaw, plus the potential for standing water means potholes will be likely.

"We have small holes that get bigger and bigger as the traffic is hitting the wet holes. That constant pounding of car tires will make the holes get bigger and bigger especially with the water involved and that's our concern," said David Haste, Peoria Public Waste.

Another concern is basement flooding, since the frozen ground won't absorb most of the runoff.

"The ground further out away from the home is frozen solid but that foot, 18 inches, two feet next to the home, by radiant heat, has melted under the snow so all that snow goes down alongside the foundation and causes basements to leak," said David Russell, B-Dry Basements

For now try to clear the snow around your foundation, gutters and drains and drive carefully as the weather warms up.