Morton boil order likely caused by bad samples

By WEEK Reporter

January 15, 2014 Updated Jan 15, 2014 at 9:03 PM CDT

MORTON, Ill -- Water is safe in Morton. A boil order was issued Tuesday. It was lifted almost 24 hours later, around noon Wednesday.

Village officials say routine tests taken Monday all came back bad Tuesday.

Additional tests were immediately taken. It takes 24 hours for results, and they all came back normal Wednesday.

Morton Mayor Ronald Rainson believes there was an error in the testing.

"It almost has to be in the testing procedure or the samples or something. We don't want to run around right now looking for someone to blame, but once we get all calmed down we're going to look at our procedures and make sure they are okay," said Mayor Rainson.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency was satisfied with the results.

Officials will continue with more tests for awhile just to be sure.

What exactly is a boil order? It's issued to protect the public from possible waterborne infections that could or are known to be in the water supply.

A boil order means people should not use tap water for drinking, preparing food, brushing teeth, and making drinks like coffee or baby formula.

As for washing your hands, you should use soap and bottled water or a hand sanitizer.

The risk of bathing or showering in tap water is uncertain and so should be avoided, particularly people with open wounds or who have compromised immune systems. For people who chose to shower or bathe in the tap water, it's suggested you minimize the time spent in the water and be sure to keep you mouth closed. Babies and young children should not bathe or shower in tap water because they often swallow water some water accidentally.