New food labels could help local shoppers

By Beau Ebenezer

February 28, 2014 Updated Mar 1, 2014 at 12:19 AM CDT

EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Shoppers may soon see new food labels in the grocery store.

The Food and Drug Administration is changing nutrition labels on the back of everything you buy.

The proposed changes would make calories bolder and added sugar more obvious.

The goal is to show the actual portions that Americans are eating.

Comparing the amount of sugar between cereals is a weekly routine for East Peoria mother, Megan Mobeck.

Soon, finding which foods are most healthy for her three children, will be a walk in the park.

"It will be easier to shop and know exactly what you are buying," said MoBeck. "Especially, if you want to stay away from gluten or different things people are allergic to."

The FDA hopes to simplify many aspects of the nutrition panels on the back of food.

The government estimates this could cost $2 billion dollars for food companies.

Many manufacturers hope they can easily absorb these costs.

Kroger store representatives said it is still too soon to tell how this could affect their company.

"Since the FDA's proposal is not final, it is still being reviewed, and will likely be adjusted, at this point we are really just monitoring the content," said Kroger Public Affairs Manager, John Elliott. "I'm not sure if we have a position in favor or against."

The FDA expects to finalize the changes in the coming months.

Food companies will have two years to comply with the new standards.