New set back for lawmakers in Springfield

By WEEK Reporter

New set back for lawmakers in Springfield

June 19, 2013 Updated Jun 19, 2013 at 9:44 PM CDT

SPRINGFIELD, IL-- As lawmakers convened in Springfield to tackle the issue of pension reform, there was yet another set-back. Just as the session began, a fire alarm forced everyone out of the capitol.

Turns out, there was really no fire. But in true Springfield fashion, it prompted speculation-finger-pointing over who may have been responsible.

Sen. Dave Koehler insisted it was not him. "I did not pull the fire alarm, I want to make that clear right now," he jokingly told our reporter.

"When the fire alarm went off I said we've all been talking about the financial problems of our state! It's clear now- the building,
Rome, is officially burning," said Sen. Jason Barickman.

One lawmaker joked it was the governor -he had the most to lose from a bad-press day.