Nightside Pick: You Can't Eat

By WEEK Producer

October 21, 2011 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 2:31 AM CDT

A Detroit restaurant has come up with something huge... literally.

A $2000 world record burger that could take on any appetite.

Mallie's grill tops off it's new 'absolutely ridiculous' burger weighing in at a whopping 338 pounds.

About 100 pounds of grease is lost during the cooking process... which takes more than 22 just don't stop by and order take-out,

This monstrosity of meat is nestled in a bun that weighs 100 pounds, and there's 20 pounds of cheese, and 15 pounds of both lettuce and tomato.

What could top this?

Well, how about a 92-pound mushroom. It was found in China where people were weeding.

Officials say it's an edible mushroom, and people in the village say it tastes and smells great.