Not Enrolling in Obamacare Could Cost Everyone Else

By Eric Greene

January 15, 2014 Updated Jan 15, 2014 at 7:58 PM CDT

More than two-million Americans have now signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. However, one age group is lagging behind, and it could place a financial burden on everyone.
[ These are busy times at the Heartland Community Health Clinic in Peoria. The Clinic has reached out to some 900 people to get them enrolled, and more than 250 have signed up.
As an FQ... a Federally Qualified facility... Heartland is able to accept patients with Medicaid more than private providers. Heartland's Chief Development Officer, Becky Wood says, "One of these elements is that we have a higher reimbursement rate for encounters, so as patients come in, they'd have a different reimbursement rate for an FQ than they would for another provider."
But the numbers show only one out of four young adults enrolling.
Wood says that places a financial burden on all Americans by picking up their costs.
"If we can get more people aware of what that cost is, and help them understand that if you get the coverage...they're going to be healthier, and it reduces different flu's, different elements that they have."
Under the ACA, some women's preventive care is covered: well-woman visits, pap tests for cervical cancer, FDA-approved birth control and mammograms. But not all mammograms are the same -- Screening mammograms are covered, but not diagnostic. Shirley Moore-Hogan, the manager of the Illinois Breast and cervical Cancer Program, says, "Sometimes its contingent on the age of the woman, the result of the screening mammogram, so in that situation a woman could contact us here at the Heartland Clinic and we could cover the diagnostic services that aren't covered through her insurance."
If you have any questions about what is and what is not covered, contact your insurance company.