OCAAT: Helping a teacher reach out to her students

By WEEK Producer

January 23, 2013 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 4:48 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- A special education teacher at a Peoria middle school is being recognized for her dedication to her students.

Megan McGann is a 5th grade special education teacher at Mark Bills Middle School.

"The majority of my day is spent with my students, helping them in their classrooms. Making sure they get what they need in the regular classroom so they can stay in there with their class and with all of their teachers," said Mark Bills Middle School Teacher Megan McGann.

Megan's students have a variety of needs, some social and emotional, some physical. She'd like to invest in equipment that would address some of those needs, like a scanner to convert text into a more readable format and a computer program to assist students with typing.

"If its scanning assignments to the computer or setting up their assignments on the computer, laminating their papers, doing things like that. it's a constant and a daily routine just to get them what they need but its very much well worth it," said McGann.

The principal at Mark Bills calls Megan a very patient teacher.

"She has the ability to evaluate the needs of her students and create the appropriate learning environment. "If a student for instance is struggling they might act out in a way, either behavioral acting out or shutting down and refusing to work. So what Megan does is she gets to the root of the problem," said Mark Bills Middle School Principal, Laura Rodgers.