Old English Faire acts as real life time machine

Old English Faire acts as real life time machine

By Chris Lovingood

June 22, 2014 Updated Jun 24, 2014 at 4:42 PM CDT

HANNAH CITY, Ill. -- Knights, performers, and other reenactments were at the Old English Faire at Wildlife Prairie Park this weekend -- or rather, the Kingdom of Wildlife Prairie Shire.

The weekend-long event brought in people from all over the state. Many of which came for the service.

"It's been a lot of fun," said Rebecca Groesser. "Everyone's been really friendly, coming up to us asking us how we like it."

From blacksmithing to dancing, it's a lot of fun for people, particularly those who like to learn.

"It's cool to be able to see it instead of just reading about it in a book or hearing about it in a class," said Andrew Craig. "It's nice to be able to immerse yourself in it."

For those who helped bring the fair to life, it was a chance to include everyone in on the atmosphere.

"I think it allows people to step outside of the social norm," said faire volunteer Cheyenne Voss. "They get to be whoever, and whatever they want to be whilst still learning about that time era."

The event started Friday, June 20 with the Day of Enlightenment -- a day aimed at educating people about the history of the days of old.

But the rest of the weekend focused on fun activities and selling goods.

Douglas Lais is the owner of Leatherhelms and has been selling his wares at the fair for the past nine years. He says he continues to come because it's a thrill.

"It's not really just the money," said Lais, "but the excitement of being in a completely different environment where you can dress up."

Park representative Janet Jackson said the faire brought in a lot of people this year than it did the last. She said the park will work hard to attract even more people next year.