Nine hour standoff ends; suspect shoots himself in chest

By Marshanna Hester

November 5, 2013 Updated Nov 6, 2013 at 1:27 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- A nine-hour stand-off in a Peoria neighborhood ends with the suspect shooting himself in the chest.

Phouvone Sophanavon, 45, was rushed out of the basement of his home on a stretcher around 9:30 Tuesday night.

He received immediate attention from a surgeon on the scene before the ambulance took him to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.

For hours throughout the day, negotiators inside the home at 703 Northeast Monroe worked to get Sophanavon out peacefully.

Peoria police chief Steve Settingsgaard said they fulfilled requests of water, cigarettes and left him alone when asked.

Tuesday night's development is not the outcome police hoped for, but Settingsgaard knew it was a possibility.

"He indicated on many occasions that he was considering killing himself," said Settingsgaard. "He had done it several times throughout the day and evening, held the gun up to himself and threatened it. Finally he did pull the trigger."

"It's not the scenario we would have liked to see it end on but, we were not on a manhunt. He was very quickly contained. He was not in a position to hurt anybody else or citizens," said Peoria Police Capt. Mike Eddlemon. "That peace of mind knowing we had him in the basement and that he was going nowhere else can't be under spoken either."

Sophanavon is a suspect in connection with the abduction and death of his estranged wife, Laongdao Phangthong, 28.

She was found inside her car at the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center parking deck late Tuesday morning.

The coroner says the possible cause of death is a gunshot wound.