Peoria takes the fight to the fish

By WEEK Reporter

Peoria takes the fight to the fish

July 11, 2014 Updated Jul 14, 2014 at 10:01 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Central Illinois residents are preparing for war against the Asian Carp.

Saturday, teams of hunters and thrill seekers took to the Illinois River in the first ever Flying Fish Festival and Bow Fishing Tournament. The goal is, you guessed it, kill as many Asian Carp with bows and arrows as you can. The winning team gets $2,500.

But some, like Richard Music and his team from, have flocked to the river for another reason.

“The thrill,” Music said, “There's nothing like it. Come on, shooting a fish jumping out of the water, how intense is that?"

The invasive carp has been called a menace to local ecosystems and controlling the population is also an act of conservation. The event was held Saturday at 5 a.m.