Peoria's biggest losers vying for good health

By Celsy Martindale

January 11, 2014 Updated Jan 11, 2014 at 11:28 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Some folks here in the Central Illinois are starting to work their way into good health.

Saturday marked the start of Peoria's fourth annual Biggest Loser competition.

"To get healthier".

"I want to show myself I can do this".

"Just to get active again and feel comfortable."

They may have different ways of saying it, but the competitors in Peoria's Biggest Loser competition all have the same goal in mind, to get in shape.

That's where trainers at Peoria's RiverPlex come in to help. 7 teams, nearly 40 people all competing to be the biggest 'loser' at the end of the 12-week program.

"We have nutrition, we have training and we also have a wellness component so they're learning how to set goals and follow throughout the program," said Amber Parkinson, Fitness Coordinator, Peoria RiverPlex.

The teams met their trainers, weighed in, and then were surprised with their first team challenge.

And the winner is?

"I was second place and I was so close," said Nicole Moore, Jade Team.

On the gold team is this married duo, who wouldn't be here if they didn't have each other.

"I think it's easier. Until the whole family gets involved, it's harder to be successful," said Bob Stuart, Gold Team.

"I always try to motivate him, but I needed to be motivated too so, I don't know if I'd do it if we weren't doing it together," said Monica Stuart, Gold Team.

The competition is already heating up, but it's what comes after the program that matters most.

"My son will just be happy that I'll be able to keep up with him on the basketball court," said Bob Stuart.

"I'm at teacher so I want to show my students and to be a role model and also coach to show my kids that it is important to be fit," said Moore.