Plumbers flooded with frozen pipe jobs

By Audrey Wise

January 7, 2014 Updated Jan 7, 2014 at 11:57 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill -- Plumbers are being flooded with calls because of frozen or burst pipes.

David Osborn, Owner of Trouble-Free, spent Tuesday afternoon working on a frozen spicket outside of a Peoria home.

"We wanted to get it before it really became a problem on the inside," he said.

His crews has been working around the clock, even in the arctic temperatures, to keep up with calls. Many of his calls are because of frozen pipes.

"The people that did not open their cupboards, those type of things, like what we had said earlier," he explained.

If you have a frozen pipe right now, Osborn said you're problem has only just begun, "Once we start getting warmer temperatures if it hasn't been caught, then what happens is it does start to thaw and the pipes that have burst or split apart, then it can start flooding the home."

That's when the real costs come in. Some insurance policies will cover this, while other homeowners may find themselves shelling out thousands, depending on the damage.

Osborn said, "I've seen a whole basement flooded. If a pipe freezes on the second floor that will probably ruin the walls all the way down."

No one is out of the danger zone yet. While the extreme temps are gone, anything below 32 degrees can still cause issues. Remember to leave cabinet doors open, run a trickle of water and continue to monitor water pipes in your home.