Postal Service proposal would do away with door to door delivery

By WEEK Producer

Postal Service proposal would do away with door to door delivery

July 24, 2013 Updated Jul 24, 2013 at 2:55 PM CDT

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Some people just love having the mailman deliver to their door. However, the Postal Service now wants to do away with that service and deliver the mail to cluster boxes in neighborhoods instead.

The proposal is part of the Postal Reform Act that the House Oversight Committee debated again Wednesday.

The act sets out to stop the financial bleeding at the Postal Service, which last year totaled $16 billion dollars.

"The reality is, we're gonna have to cut some costs. We just have to cut some costs," said Congressman Jason Chaffetz, (R) Utah.

Proponents said dropping, or at least reducing, door to door delivery to the 37 million homes or businesses that get it now would save the Postal Service $4 billion a year.

However, opponents say it is not practical, especially in urban areas.

"You would have to knock down houses in my area, in my neighborhood in order to build cluster boxes," said Congressman Stephen Lynch, (D) Massachusetts.

A lot of customers want to keep door to door delivery.

"I prefer the elimination of Saturday delivery," said one customer.

Stopping delivery on Saturday was a cost-cutting proposal earlier this year that the Postal Service postponed after public outcry. The fate of the proposal to stop door to door may be the same.