Residents look for ways to cool off in the sweltering heat

By WEEK Producer

July 16, 2013 Updated Jul 16, 2013 at 9:53 PM CDT

CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- Tuesday was day two of a week-long heat wave that has central Illinois sweltering.

With heat indexes above 100 degrees, many residents are just looking for ways to stay cool.

At Dragon Land in Pekin, there was a full staff of lifeguards plus a few extras in anticipation of a busy week.

"We definitely expected it," said Holly Conner. "We got extra guards on duty and extra water built up. We're all ready for it, we're all really good at our jobs so we're not so worried about it."

"If we were like in Arizona, I probably wouldn't do something like this but I can handle it. I can handle the Midwest," said Lifeguard Trey Scotti.

With a heat index over 100 degrees, central Illinois residents were trying to beat the heat.

"Swimming, actually there's a bunch of ways swimming. You can drink a cool glass of water," said Taylor Royston.

For those like swimmers, lifeguards and construction workers, who are prone to spend more time outside the local Red Cross says drinking extra water is important.

"For men they need about three liters of water a day and for women it's about two," said Erin Miller of the Red Cross. "If you are out exercising and you work outside or you're just someone who's prone to sweating excessively then you may need to drink more water than that."

That's a rule Pekin lifeguards live by. They rotate seats every thirty minutes. Even though temperatures are expected to climb, Dragon Land lifeguards say they would not trade their jobs for the air conditioning.

"It's a good time," said Conner. "It's definitely worth it. It's better than being indoors all day for sure. You get a nice tan, be with the kids, it's a good time."