Residents shovel out overnight to keep up with snowfall

By WEEK Producer

February 5, 2014 Updated Feb 5, 2014 at 8:12 PM CDT

EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Two East Peoria residents spent most of the night trying to clear their driveway out.

Sean Ryan and Dalton Renfrow said they have been trying to make less work for themselves in the morning by shoveling overnight but they feel like they're not getting ahead.

“Because every time I shovel, I have to clear it off again,” said Ryan. “So, I ain't gaining no ground.”

“Just because there isn't so much to move at one time, just trying to get as much as I can little at a time,” said Renfrow.

Both men said they don't like the snow and are hopeful for warmer temperatures in the near future.