Rome residents prepare for floods more than most

By Joe Bennett

April 24, 2013 Updated Apr 24, 2013 at 7:14 PM CDT

ROME, Ill -- In many cases, the flood damage in Rome looks worse than it is.

Most of the houses on the north end have been elevated in preparation for a flood just like this.

Aside from using a boat to take the dog outside, Jack and Joy Morgenstern say the biggest hardship is shutting off the heat as a safety precaution.

They have lived in this house for nearly 30 years and had it elevated about three years ago after the last flood.

"I'm getting a little too old to haul freezers and washers and dryers and water-heaters out of the house,” says Jack Morgenstern. “So we decided to raise it up, and it's been a lot easier for us."

About a mile south in Rome, the homes are built further back on the yards.

Don Parsons is fortunate enough to have no water damage to his home, so he is getting a head start on cleaning the debris.

"Like with big stuff you use like a chainsaw, then maybe have like a big, old bonfire or something to burn it up,” Parsons says as he rakes piles of tree limbs in his yard. “You've got to get rid of it somehow, because there's really no place to put it."

Rome is on the flood plain so most homeowners out there do have flood insurance.

As the water recedes over the next week or two, hopefully most residents of Rome will just be dealing with landscape issues.