Santa comes early for Washington tornado victims

By Katherine Tellez

December 15, 2013 Updated Dec 16, 2013 at 10:31 AM CDT

Washington, Ill. -- Kids across the heart of Illinois affected by last months tornados got an early visit from santa today.

Kids of all ages, some who lost everything, got V.I.P treatment.

The local Churches of Christ and Cindy's Santas out of Chicago organized a Convoy of Toys.

More than 1,000 toys were collected and handed out.

Organizers hope this reassures kids that people haven't forgotten about them.

"And also that Santa Claus knows where they live now. Even though they might have lost their home, Santa Claus can still find them," said Dean Kennedy, an organizer for the event.

"This has been a great experience even though we have lost everything," said Angel Henderson who lost everything in the Washington tornado. "Just the outpour of help from everywhere has really impacted us as a family.. It's a blessing."

Organizers hope this takes away some of the burden on the parents --who are trying to rebuild and replace, everything they lost.