Snow clean up improves with rising temperatures

By Alyssa Donovan

January 8, 2014 Updated Jan 9, 2014 at 11:58 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Road conditions improving thanks to the warmer temperatures.

Plows have cleared the majority of snow from city streets and interstates, but there are still some snow packed spots.

Salt and chloride are now effective with the rising temperatures.

However, crews will have treat roads more often as melting snow dilutes the chemicals.

"The temperatures just didn't rise for days there. It's been difficult and so the roads in some places still have snow on them so were still urging people to be safe and take it slow," said Brian Williamsen from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

There is another weather concern moving in this weekend.

"We have rain coming in and we'd like to eliminate that snow pack on the pavement before the rain starts because that will really cause some dangerous conditions on the street. Just really really slick conditions if you have snow pack and than rain water on top of that," said David Haste, Director of Peoria Public Works.

Officials say they'll be out on the roads until they are completely safe and clear for drivers.