Students get hands on experience at 1918 style farm

By WEEK Producer

May 1, 2013 Updated May 1, 2013 at 9:40 PM CDT

CHILLICOTHE, Ill. -- It was a beautiful day for students across the heart of Illinois to leave their classroom, and help out on a farm.

At least the farm at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe.

It's part of a reenactment, showing students what daily life was like on farm in 1918.

Wednesday's program was about spring planting , and volunteers had students help with the process; including hitching horses, preparing seeds, and handling the reins of a horse drawn plow.

Volunteers said Wednesday's event shows kids a way of life very different from their own.

"A lot of kids do not know what farming was like in 1918. There was no cellphones, tvs, might have a light bulb. They get to see what it's all about and they work, the kids really work. It's all hands on experience," said Volunteer, Don Thompson.

This was the 10th year for this event.