Taft residents get a new home, but with a catch

By Katherine Tellez

July 2, 2014 Updated Jul 2, 2014 at 10:45 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- The design for the first phase of the Taft Redevelopment project is out, and it targets residents who are trying to continue their education.

The old Greeley school will be renovated to house 13 to 15 units.

Two new buildings will house roughly 30 more units.

But to live in these units, you have to be a student.

The gym at the old school will house a head start program and daycare. Residents will not have to pay extra money to use those services.

Developers said two key burdens of single parents are affording and getting kids to and from daycare.

"Education plays such a heavy role in how families can advance and how individuals can advance," said senior developer with Model Group Tony Fitts. "So this is a concept that can help tackle those obstacles and help move not just the parent but the child through education. And that's why we look at it as moving two generations out of poverty.

PHA has until the end of July to submit the full application for the project.

But it has an agreement with the school district and can move forward with the Greeley property as soon as the application is approved.