Tax return deadline approaching

By Beau Ebenezer

April 11, 2013 Updated Apr 12, 2013 at 12:51 PM CDT

PEORIA Ill -- The IRS reported that at the end of last month, 28 million people still had not filed their taxes.

Area professionals say that could be because people are confused about the new tax legislation that passed earlier this year.

Now, for tax experts, this weekend is becoming the perfect storm as many residents begin to finally file their taxes.

"It's kind of like with a trash compactor, said Partner at Rotherham and Company, Josh Richardson. "There's only so much you can put in there. The more it compacts in the smaller time frame you have. The less you can fit in there."

Richardson said this year has been much more difficult for him than in the past due to Congress going down to the wire in passing a fiscal-cliff bill.

The IRS delayed the start of its 2013 tax-filing season until January 30th, a week later than scheduled, decreasing time for tax filing companies.

Now for Richardson, out of about 450 clients,150 of them are being put on an extension due to stacks and stacks of files that are still continuing to come in as we approach the April 15th deadline.

Other area tax experts are extending their hours this weekend just to help out with the expected last-minute rush.

"There are so many tax law changes that it is difficult to keep up with them," said area manager for Jackson Hewitt, Mary Jo Roberts. "The main reason you should seek out a professional is because you are missing money. You are throwing money away. 95% of the time we find something that you missed."

Jackson Hewitt is extending their service throughout the weekend and Monday, staying open until midnight.