Two arrested with heroin in Kroger parking lot

By Kristin Muckerheide

Two arrested with heroin in Kroger parking lot

February 20, 2012 Updated Feb 22, 2012 at 2:33 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Two people were arrested Saturday night in a Kroger parking lot with heroin and several items of drug paraphernalia.

Police approached a suspicious car that had been sitting in the Kroger parking lot, 2321 N. Wisconsin Avenue, for an hour and a half.

According to police reports, the officer saw a bent spoon in the center of the dashboard as he approached the vehicle. The officer noted that the spoon had burn marks on it and a substance resting in the middle of the spoon.

After asking the male in the driver's seat, Rodney Golar, 46, to step out of the vehicle, the female passenger grabbed the spoon and put it into a pint-size ice cream container and acted like she was going to eat the ice cream, according to police reports.

The officer noted that the female, Patricia Gulotta, 29, never took a bite.

After putting Golar and Gulotta in handcuffs, the officer saw what he believed to be the cap of a hypodermic needle sitting on the passenger side floor. Upon further inspection, the officer saw a syringe with blood on the needle in plain view.

The officer also saw a tourniquet in between the passenger seat and the door, according to police reports. 

According to police reports, the officer searched the car and found an eyeglass case that contained five other used needles that had blood on them.

In the center of the dashboard, the officer saw a CD case that had white powder sitting on top and a burnt glass pipe and brillo pad, which the officer noted in police reports is used to smoke crack cocaine. The officer later located another burnt glass pipe with a brillo pad in it.

According to police reports, Gulotta was clearly under the influence of drugs, as her eyes were droopy and glazed, and her reaction times were very slow.

Golar denied using any drugs and said that Gulotta had shot up with heroin about 10 minutes before the officer had showed up.

Officers searched Golar and found nine small bags containing a white powder which Golar told police was heroin. The substance was later tested positive for heroin.

Golar and Gulotta are being charged with:

-  Possession of a Controlled Substance

- Delivery or Possession with Intent to Deliver

- Possession of Hypodermic Needle

- Possession of Drug Equipment

- Obstructing Justice