Volunteers Spend Their Weekend Rebuilding a Washington Park

By Samantha Chatman

July 12, 2014 Updated Jul 12, 2014 at 10:19 PM CDT

WASHINGTON, Ill. -- Gavin Dingledine is working. Working hard to restore this Washington park.

But he's not alone. His teammates came with him to give back to their city.

"During the tornado time and even after, Washington has been very supportive of us and It just gave us extra motivation to get the job done," said Dingledine.

The Washington High School Football team joined other volunteers at LaHood Park to lay down over four acres of sod.

It's a project the Washington Park District started to repair city parks.

But for Dingledine, it's more than just a project; It's a reminder of what took the city by storm.

"It's an emotional train. Seeing the town you've lived in for most of your life, seeing it just destroyed kind of broke your heart a little bit. After that we just knew we had to do a job," Dingledine explained.

A job that would be hard to finish without these volunteers.

Students from Clinton, Missouri traveled seven hours to help restore this Washington Park, and the dirt couldn't stop them from working hard.

"Getting in the mud is a way for us to do something that not everybody wants to do: to serve the community and do some hard work," said Clinton volunteer Abby Jones.

The park is expected to be finished in the fall, and volunteers are already seeing their hard work come together.