Where are the political signs?

By Denise Jackson

March 11, 2014 Updated Mar 11, 2014 at 11:36 PM CDT

PEORIA,IL--This record breaking winter is wreaking havoc on many things including political candidates. Cold temperatures and frozen top soil have made it nearly impossible to post signs. That's not good with the primary election just one week away.

In previous election years political signs have been everywhere in Central Illinois.
One week away from the 2014 primary and there's not a sign in sight, thanks to mother nature.
"Even with a couple days of 60 degree temperatures the ground is still frozen and they have various methods for getting stakes into the ground for those big commercial signs. But even the yard signs are a challenge," said Peoria County Republican Party member Katherine Cole.

As a result of a colder than usual winter, political signs have sat in the Republican party office. That's a big problem with races like the republican gubernatorial primary hanging in balance. Cole says typically they'd be up 60 days before the primary election. One group of republican party volunteers had a hard time driving stakes for signs going up on North Knoxville.

For the Democrats the political steam isn't expected to increase until after the primary election.

"It'll be voter registration and talking to people and we start getting out the vote for the November election. It's a different story then, yes," said Peoria County Democrat Jackie Petty.

In the meantime republican party volunteers will scurry to try to post political signs in neighborhoods. But with one week left and another snowstorm on the way they could be in for another setback.