Peoria gas prices remain low but are highest in the area

By Beau Ebenezer

November 13, 2013 Updated Nov 13, 2013 at 11:31 PM CDT

PEORIA Ill -- Bradley student, Abby Baron has made a habit of filling up in Peoria before she makes her commute home to Chicago every weekend.

"Since I am from Chicago, the gas prices are rather high and I go home often," said Baron. "So it's nice when it is less expensive to fill up my tank."

But according to, Baron could fill her tank for much less in nearby cities.

Peoria's average gas price is $3.10, while several gas stations in East Peoria and Bloomington are already selling gas under $3.

A Peoria gas station owner said taxes are part of the reason their prices at the pump are not as cheap.

"In the city we have a two-cent per gallon motor fuel tax, and then we have a 1.5% sales tax which is good for about five cents per gallon," said Beachler's Servicenter owner, Terry Beachler. "It is unique to Peoria. The surrounding areas don't have it. Other communities do have these taxes, but they are typically not as high as Peoria."

Beachler said business is doing great despite other gas stations selling under cost.

Prices at his Shell gas station are currently at $3.15 per gallon, but he said that number may increase because so many others are under cost.

For some Peoria residents, they would rather pay a little more than travel further for gas.

"I drive by East Peoria for work, but I wouldn't fill up there, said Peoria resident," Greg Norman. "It's just too far. I don't get that good of gas mileage."