People stocking up for bad weather ahead

By Beau Ebenezer

January 4, 2014 Updated Jan 4, 2014 at 11:23 PM CDT

CHILLICOTHE, Ill. -- Stocking up on groceries at Kroger was first on the checklist for Chillicothe resident, Sonya Waller.

"I'm just getting a few things for salad and maybe some chili to have something warm," said Waller. "We are getting ready for the cold weather."

But Sunday night's forecast of nearly 40 below zero wind chills is cold weather Waller and her family are not used.

Waller moved to Chillicothe five years ago from Arkansas, where she said temperatures rarely dropped into the 30s.

But other Central Illinois natives know the drill, somewhat.

"I have never heard of -40 degrees," said local shopper, Jacob Tipton. "That just blows my mind. I'm not taking my kids out because that is going to be a very deadly day."

Kroger in Chillicothe had a lot of traffic Saturday as items quickly flew off the shelf.

Store management said bananas, milk, and water are typically in high demand before bad weather, but they will be prepared for whatever may come.

"We called in extra folks for the front-end especially, and we upped all of our orders," said Kroger co-manager, Debra Burgess-Tipton. "They will be in this evening to replenish today."

Kroger increased their orders by one third to keep shelves full for the long weekend.

Local residents are encouraged to stock up early to avoid late trips to the grocery store in bad weather.