CAT Awarded U.S. Navy Contract For Smart And Green Energy

By WEEK Producer

CAT Awarded U.S. Navy Contract For Smart And Green Energy

November 10, 2011 Updated Nov 10, 2011 at 5:11 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- Caterpillar Defense & Federal Products (D&FP) has been awarded a contract to develop and demonstrate renewable energy technologies to the U.S. Army Logistics Innovation Agency for the SAGE Program (Smart and Green Energy).

SAGE is a U.S. government initiative to reduce the quantity of fuel needed for electrical power generation for military base camps by employing existing utility smart grid technologies, renewable energy sources and energy-efficient structures on Army bases.

Over the past year, D&FP and the Advanced Power Sources Group within the Product Development & Global Technology Division have been working with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the U.S. Army to develop the Caterpillar SAGE solution, which consists of:

Diesel generator sets,
Solar panels and
Battery power storage capability.

The first demonstration of this system to U.S. Army personnel will occur within the next six months at the Technical Center in Mossville, Illinois. Once completed, the system will undergo further testing at the U.S. Army Systems Integration Laboratory in Ft. Devens, Massachusetts, which could take eight or nine months to complete.

The cost and logistics required to deliver a gallon of fuel on the battlefield is enormous. In areas like Afghanistan, fuel convoys must travel hundreds of miles over mountainous terrain to deliver fuel to military bases, and the fully burdened cost of delivered fuel can exceed $40 per gallon. By reducing the quantity of fuel needed on the battlefield through programs like SAGE, fuel convoys can be significantly reduced as well as the threat to personnel from roadside explosives.