Cat Rental Power Aids Those Impacted by Hurricane Irene

By WEEK Reporter

Cat Rental Power Aids Those Impacted by Hurricane Irene

September 6, 2011 Updated Sep 6, 2011 at 1:32 PM CDT

After Hurricane Irene left nearly 5 million households and businesses without power, the Cat Rental Power Dealer Network sprang into action.

Cat Rental Power, a division of Caterpillar, Inc., mobilized 1,000 temporary power units  to restore electricity to those left in the dark by the storm.

"Cat Dealers across North America began developing contingency plans and moving equipment and manpower into place long before the first rains reached the East Coast," said William J. Rohner, vice president of Caterpillar's Electric Power Division.  "Hundreds of thousands of families and businesses have the power they need thanks to the quick response from the entire Cat Dealer network."

The company says even before the storm, many businesses utilized the Cat Rental Power program proactively and were able to maintain electricity throughout the storm.

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