Caution: Slippery Roads

By WEEK Reporter


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November 24, 2010 Updated Nov 24, 2010 at 6:44 PM CST

Area motorists are advised to be careful.

There have been reports of several fender benders due to slippery road conditions.

Case in point, an accident on Knoxville and Route 6.

A total of nine vehicles were involved.

"Um, we were just coming up the overpass here, and the salt trucks haven't been out yet, and we saw all these cars starting to pileup," said Tara Endress, who was involved in an accident. "We started going real slow and just started sliding.There was nothing we could do-- just bumped into the median here and just bumped the guy in front of us."

"The weather conditions turned bad," said Bat.Chief Otis Leach of the Peoria Fire Department. "We've had some wind here on the interstate. As you can see, the slope of the interstate here-- the winds caused the rain to turn to ice. We've had a nine car accident. One person has minor injuries and requested to be transported. Everybody else is okay."

Another accident at the I-74 interchange at Sterling Avenue kept Police and first responders busy.

However, Peoria County's traffic collision alert unis now over.