• Interview: Valentine's Day surprise from Peoria Barbershop Quartet

    Friday, Feb 1 at 1:39 PM

    EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Garry Moore talks to Ken Krancher from the Peoria Barbershop Chapter about surprising your loved one with candy, flowers, and songs performed by the Peoria Barbershop Quartet for Valentine's Day.

  • Get Fit Friday: 2/1/13

    PEORIA, Ill. -- A brand new running event, benefitting the St. Jude Runs, will take place this May in Peoria.

  • Interview: Mixed Media Art Auction

    EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Ashley McNamee sits down with Lea Schmidgall, executive director of Habitat Peoria to discuss an upcoming event for the organization.

  • Interview: Weird vegetables with Ella Maxwell

    EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Garry Moore talks with Hoerr Nursery's Ella Maxwell about weird vegetables and cooking with flowers.

  • Ask Dr. Joy: Getting along with your In-laws

    PEORIA, Ill. -- What does Mike Stivic, Phil Dunphy and Greg Focker all have in common?

  • Interview: Art, Wine and Roses

    EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Garry Moore talks with Bob Streitmatter about an upcoming event at Luthy Botanical Gardens.

  • Interview: Desserts First

    EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Garry Moore and Sandy Gallant talk to Samantha Greenburg about an upcoming Girl Scouts fundraiser.

  • Interview: Paul Heuerman talks economy of Illinois

    EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Garry Moore talks with Paul Heuerman from Heritage Bank about Illinois credit ratings and businesses releasing financial information.

  • Interview: Wake up, Gertie!

    EAST PEORIA, Ill. -- Garry Moore speaks with Jan Brown from Wildlife Prairie State Park and Ashley Catour from McDonalds about the upcoming Gertie event on Groundhog's Day.

  • Miller Park Zoo Stampede

    Susie Ohley, Community Development Advocate of Miller Park, explains the event to Denise Jackson.