Empowering Self-Defense Class in Pekin

By Dana Fulton

February 24, 2013 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 12:56 AM CDT

Pekin, Ill. -- Kuk Sool Won of Pekin usually teaches traditional Korean martial arts, but on February 24th, the school focused on a different lesson. Self-Defense.

Head Instructor Mike Yates taught women of all ages techniques to defend themselves in the event of an attacker. He says the goal of the class was to empower women with confidence, and not to feel weak in a situation because of their gender. He adds, a quick yell can scare off an attacker or bring help. One of the best tools you have- your eyes.

"I just try to teach everyone to be vigilant of their surroundings," Yates says. "Know what's around you. And know where you're at, at all times."

Yates also stresses, everyone needs to take this class at least once in their life. The skills and tips you learn could help save your life- or somebody else.

Kuk Sool Won has provided some more tips to protect yourself from violent crime:

-Don't walk or jog early in the morning or late at night when the streets are deserted.
-When out at night, try to have a friend walk with you.
-Carry only the money you'll need on a particular day.
-Don't display your cash or any other inviting targets such as pagers, cell phones, hand-held electronic games, or expensive jewelry and clothing.
-If you think someone is following you, switch directions or cross the street. If the person continues to follow you, move quickly toward an open store or restaurant or a lighted house. Don't be afraid to yell for help.
-Try to park in well-lighted areas with good visibility and close to walkways, stores, and people.
-Make sure you have your key out as you approach your door.
-Always lock your car, even it it's in your own driveway; never leave your motor running.
-Do everything you can to keep a stranger from getting into your car or to keep a stranger from forcing you into his or her car.
-If a dating partner has abused you, do not meet him or her alone. do not let him or her in your home or car when you are alone.
-If you are a battered spouse, call the police or sheriff immediately. Assault is a crime, whether committed by a stranger or your spouse or any other family member. If you believe that you and your children are in danger, call a crisis hotline or a health center (the police can also make a referral) and leave immediately.
-If someone tries to rob you, give up your property-- don't give up your life.
-If you are robbed or assaulted, report the crime to the police. Try to describe the attacker accurately. Your actions can help prevent someone else from becoming a victim.

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