Manhunt Monday 11/15/10: Calvin Brown CAPTURED

By WEEK Producer

November 19, 2010 Updated Nov 19, 2010 at 7:39 PM CDT

The man accused of the fatal shooting of Curtis Johnson as he pumped gas at a Circle K on North Knoxville last week has turned himself in to Peoria Police.

Calvin Brown, 30, called police Thursday from the Red Roof Inn on War Memorial Drive in Peoria wishing to turn himself in.

Brown had changed his appearance from the pictures put out by police and the media.

Police say Johnson was pumping gas on November 9th with his girlfriend and two children in the car.

Police say surveillance video shows Brown and Johnson physically fighting before Johnson was shot in the side.

Officer Doug Burgess says the were able to identify Brown as a suspect early on because of eye witnesses.

"The amount of witness statements and support we're getting from the community, it is outstanding," said Burgess. "We've had homicides in the past where there were 30 people present and not one of them could give us any information. We still don't get a whole lot of information at the scene; we did get some in this case."

Brown is currently being held in the Peoria County Jail without bond.