Mac & Mac's Pick: $200...for a mushroom?

By WEEK Producer

April 17, 2013 Updated Apr 17, 2013 at 9:58 AM CDT

JAPAN -- This is a happy man. And with good reason. He just outbid his collegues, and has just paid $200...for a three-ounce mushroom.

It was the season's first auction of rare spring Matsutake Mushrooms today in Western Japan.

The highly sought after mushroom fetched record prices. It's prized in Japan for its distinctive aroma.

Bids began at about $250 a pound for the mushrooms, but quickly shot up to $10,000 dollars.

The $200 Matsutake is only three inches long and weighs roughly a third of an ounce.

The successful bidder says he'll put it on show at his shop and eat it later with a drinking buddy.

This mushroom is so rare, that last year they were only able to gather 10 of them.