June 12

Normal Construction

By Jim Garrot

Normal Construction

July 15, 2010 Updated Jun 15, 2007 at 1:36 PM CDT

Remember, Linden Street is a great way to get to uptown Normal. This street will be virtually unaffected by uptown construction, and the newly completed Parkinson parking lot (located behind Wild Country) is easily accessible from Linden!

What to expect coming up as of June 6, 2007:

· Access to all businesses will be maintained and access to all parking lots is currently available.

· The intersection of Beaufort & Fell is currently closed until approximately mid-August. Fell between Beaufort & North is also closed until approximately mid-August. This is anticipated to reopen before ISU move-in 2007. Access to all businesses, including Midtown Liquors, Domino's Pizza, Hairworks, and Dot's Cut Above, is still available.

· College between Fell & Linden is closed to through traffic until approximately June 16th. Access to all businesses, including the Bank of Illinois and Main St. Bank, is still available.

· Mulberry between Fell & Linden is anticipated to close to through traffic on June 18th through approximately June 30th.

· Beaufort between Broadway and Constitution Trail is currently closed through approximately late 2008.

· Constitution Trail between Mulberry & the railroad tracks is currently closed through approximately late 2008.

· The block of Beaufort between Fell & Broadway is currently closed through approximately late 2008.

For updates during the week as they become available, please call the uptown hotline at (309) 433-FIND or click on News Links for more information.