Residents of Georgetown Common apartments wait for access

By Marshanna Hester

November 20, 2013 Updated Nov 20, 2013 at 4:07 PM CDT

WASHINGTON, Ill. -- A group of about 20 anxious people heard directly from Washington's city administrator Tim Gleason Tuesday.
He says access to the Georgetown Common apartments has been restricted because it is unclear if the buildings are structurally sound.
However, officials did allow some residents to walk back to the property with a police escort.  They could not leave the road to search through the rubble, only look and take photos.
Those who had cars not damaged were able to drive those off the property.
Gleason hopes to have structural engineers survey the buildings on Wednesday.
"If stable, I'm assuming that some of the buildings are going to be okay for people to go in and get personal belongings," he said. "I also am assuming that there are going to be some they're not going to be allowed in, even on the first floor."
As you can imagine, that is not what residents wanted to hear.
But they can get updated information on the city of Washington's web site, and on the Facebook pages of the Washington Police Department and Central Illinois Emergency Information.