State Trooper picks up the pieces of her life and home

By Audrey Wise

November 20, 2013 Updated Nov 20, 2013 at 4:09 PM CDT

WASHINGTON, Ill -- State Troopers are helping people in all of the devastated areas, but one trooper can't, she's picking up the pieces of her own home and life.

Trooper Sadie Conner was at her duplex on English Oak in Washington Sunday with her mom when she heard the sirens.

They heard the signature sound of a freight train and actually saw the tornado before they ran for cover.

Trooper Conner said, "I Ran to try and grab the dogs and get to the basement. I got about part way down the stairs. It hit. I got knocked in the head pretty good, knocked me over, was buried under some of the stuff on the stairs."

Trooper Conner dug her way out, then found her mom lying where the back porch used to be.

"She was okay, hurting but okay," said Trooper Conner.

Her mother Pat Conner said, "I was just laying there and my head was against a piece of wood and then when it got real quiet that's the first thing that I yelled, sweetest thing I ever heard was her answering and we were okay."

Both women are sore just one day after. Trooper Conner suffered some cracked ribs, cuts and bruises. And their dogs made it through too.

"Every living thing in the house is accounted for and I guess that's what matters," she said.

Now they are trying to salvage anything they can.

"We're slowly finding some things, we're actually finding some stuff I haven't seen in years. It's kind of like some little small blessings every once in awhile," she said.

Trooper Conner responds to devastation all the time, but to happen to her gives her a new perspective.