Match Day For Med Students

By Marc Strauss

March 17, 2011 Updated Mar 17, 2011 at 6:45 PM CDT

Thursday was a big day for some area medical students. Known as Match Day, its when they learn where they'll start their careers.

Marc Strauss reports.

Peoria native Molly Maloof has wanted to be a doctor since the 4th grade. Today, she gets her wish.

"It's not like a normal job interview. You interview all over the place and then it's a big surprise on Match Day," said Maloof, whose studying to be a pediatrician.

In a few minutes, Molly, and 44 other students from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, will find out where they'll be serving their residencies.

Each of their destinations are sealed in an envelope. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Linda Rowe is almost as nervous as they are.

"Even though I already know where they're all matching I just feel that excitement as they open those envelopes and learn where their career is going to take them. It's a highlight for me," said Rowe.

Each student selects their top 3 choices. Then its fed into a data base with other information. Finally, Molly's moment of truth has arrived. She opens her envelope to find she got her first choice. She's going to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Oakland, California.

"It's a really exciting moment because I did not know that I would be getting (my first choice), I honestly didn't think I would get it. I didn't know. I'm in shock right now," Molly said excitedly.

David Dragoo of Germantown Hills is also celebrating after learning he's headed to Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta to become a general surgeon.

"I went down there, I took several days on either side of my interview and got to know the city and fell in love with it. I love the people there and it was a great program and a good fit for me," said Dragoo.

The Match Day exercise was repeated at medical schools all over the country on Thursday. Thousands of students learning where they're headed as they begin a new and exciting chapter in their lives and start their careers.