Local businesses cash in on another Cardinals post-season run

By WEEK Producer

October 9, 2013 Updated Oct 10, 2013 at 9:19 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- A win for the Cardinals is also a win for the Peoria Chiefs.

It might be hard to measure but team president Rocky Vonachen is convinced that the Redbirds' playoff run will payoff next spring at the Dozer Park box office.

"Your affiliation is definitely a big part of your program, especially when your team is winning and has had great success like the Cardinals," Vonachen said. "Whose going to be that next star to come up through the minor leagues and play in St. Louis? So the fans come out and watch these prospects as they progress through the system."

Dan Kouri is one of the owners of Kouri's Pub and a diehard Cubs' fan. But ironically, every October he roots for the Cardinals because they generate thousands of extra dollars for his restaurant.

"We tell everybody we want the local favorite to play every game of every series," Kouri said. "We want the series to go full length for each and every series and then hopefully the American League team will win in the seventh game of the World Series."

The manager at Pro Image at Northwoods Mall (a store that sells sports apparel) loves this time of year. And not just because he's a Cardinal fan. When the Redbirds play deep into October his store does as much as 20 percent more business.

"Business is always good when you've got a local tem in the playoffs," said Grady. "People come out and buy all of the championship gear and the warm weather gear to go to the games."

Jeff Grady says right now Division Championship shirts are the hot item and anything bearing Yadier Molina's name.

If the Cards find themselves in another World Series later this month sales will pick up even more.