• Illini prep for Hawaii "business trip"

    The Illini basketball team may get burned by some great opponents in Hawaii. But their head coach has no chance of getting a sunburn.

  • Olympic medalists could get a tax break

    WASHINGTON, DC -- Congressman Aaron Schock is also showing his support for Olympic athletes.

  • Redneck Fishing in Bath, Illinois

    The 8th annual battle against the Asian Carp is underway in Bath, Illinois. This small Illinois river town of 300 will be invaded by thrill-seekers from around the world in quest of the ugly, flying fish.

  • Tim Broe's Olympic Memories

    Eight years ago, Tim Broe proudly represented East Peoria in the Summer Olympics. Broe talks about his 2004 memories and his hopes for the 2012 games.

  • Munich Survivor

    The 1972 Olympic games in Munich were supposed to be a chance for Germany to shine just 27 years after the end of World War Two. Instead the world watched in horror as Palestinian terrorists took 11 Israeli athletes hostage. 40 years later it's the darkest moment in Olympic History, Dan Alon a survivor of the massacre shared his story during a visit to Peoria back in 2006.

  • Chicago Bears 1st practice of 2012

    Lovie Smith put the Bears through a long, hot two and a half hour workout.

  • Studebaker Defies NFL Odds

    Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Andy Studebaker will be headed to training camp before long, his fifth season in the N-F-L. He's played in every game the last three seasons for K-C, pretty good for the Eureka alum who played his college ball at Division-three Wheaton.

  • Peoria Manual star causes national twitter controversy

    Peoria Manual football star Logan Tuley-Tillman created a firestorm when he tweeted a picture this week. The photo stirred up the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry and made Tuley-Tillman a national name.

  • ISU on new recruit- Illini on recruiting new coach

    Some college hoop talk from Bloomington-Normal with Dan Muller and John Groce.

  • Crack the Curse

    The Cubs are currently working on year 104 without a World Series title. Some say it's a curse, put on the franchise by Billy goat tavern owner Billy Sianis back in 1945.

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