• Close Call

    Monday, Oct 27 at 7:55 PM

    Rivermen players get back to work today after witnessing a horrific injury at Saturday's game. Huntsville center Justin Cseter is lucky to be alive after an incident that the Rivermen won't soon forget.

  • Cardinals' post-season is a winner for area businesses

    PEORIA, Ill. -- The National League Championship Series opens Saturday in St. Louis and some local businesses are cashing in on the Cardinals' success.

  • Globetrotters

    The Bloomington Flex will tour China in October.

  • Sommer Time

    Former Central Lion and Bradley Brave Marcellus Sommerville gives back to his community.

  • Brian Urlacher tackles WeaverRidge

    Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher played in the Easter Seals outing at WeaverRidge and talked about his golf game and the Chicago Bears.

  • Peoria's Globetrotter

    Former Harlem Globetrotter hosts basketball camp to give back to Central Illinois kids.

  • Grave Concerns

    Peoria man acquires headstones for the unmarked graves of former Negro League baseball players.

  • Peoria's Chicago Bears- Sherrick McManis

    The former Peoria Richwoods star is gearing up for his 5th season in the NFL and his 3rd season with the Bears.

  • Bears defense expects to bounce back

    The Bears spent the off-season rebuilding their defense

  • Peoria Chiefs' McElroy switches to switch-hitter

    C.J. McElroy hopes becoming a switch hitter not only gets him closer to first base but also closer to the big leagues

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