Daddy's A Caddie

By Marc Strauss

June 9, 2011 Updated Jun 9, 2011 at 9:29 PM CDT

Its said the family that plays together stays together. If that's true then Karen Stupples and Bobby Inman should have a long and happy marriage.

Stupples is a successful member of the LPGA Tour. Her husband, Bobby Inman, serves as her caddie. On the golf course they're business partners - to a point.

"She's actually the boss<' said Inman. "She's the one whose got to make the decisions. We just try to make the right decisions and the right play. Its pretty obvious she knows what she need to do out there."

But Karen views it as more of an equal partnership.

"We're such good friends," said Stupples, "it seems silly not to work together as long as we can separate it and go home and be done with it."

And that's the trick, carrying the bag without carrying home any baggage.

Kevin Diaz has been caddying 6 years for his wife Laura. He says once they leave the golf course their two young children keep them focused.

"When we get done with a round and we leave the golf course its time for Cooper and Lilly and we're in mom and dad mode," said Diaz. "We don't really have a lot of time for golf when we're chasing them around. That has actually been a blessing."

One would think two people who share the same passion for golf would have the perfect marriage. But on tour, where its ultra-competitive, that can be as challenging as the game itself.

Diaz admits it takes some patience.

"(Laura) has proven to me that she's very nice to me at times, even when I mess up and she shouldn't be. Its much better than it could be in other circumstances and it works well.

Golf might be an individual sport, but when its time to compete they're a team.