Large celebrity presence at Super Bowl

By WEEK Producer

February 2, 2012 Updated Feb 2, 2012 at 8:14 PM CDT

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- News 25 Sports Director Lee Hall is in Indianapolis for Super Bowl 46. Part of the pre-game hype includes a parade of celebrities.

Only three days until Super Bowl 46 kicks off here in Indianapolis, and I've been reminded of the old Sesame Street bit, "Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood," only this week it's who are the people at the Super Bowl? They're the people that we've met each day.

We got the red carpet treatment from NBC announcers Bob Costas and Al Michaels. Michaels said, ""Frankly the only thing I'm rooting for is not only overtime, but triple overtime."

And the red-neck treatment from Larry the Cable Guy. "I don't have anything against Tom Brady. I don't even know the guy, I'm just sayin' he went to the male buffet and took everything and didn't save nothing for nobody else. It makes me mad. He's good lookin', he's got a lot of money, he's got Super Bowl rings, he's got a good lookin' wife. You know, it's like, take one item and get the hell out of the way."

Former Chief and Cardinal Chris Duncan is now a radio guy in St. Louis. "That first year they built the brand new stadium and we won the championship, that was one of the funnest years in baseball I ever had."

Les Shapiro was my first boss at WEEK in 1984. He's on the radio in Denver now, and won't ever forget the day he missed Opening Day while working in Peoria. "It snowed in Chicago and I went to the boss, Frank Bussone, and I said, 'There's no way they're gonna play today.' Well, they ended up playing that day. So as a joke, we put my desk outside and talked about how we missed Opening Day because of my bad call on the weather."

We got Les, and we got Mohr. Comedian Jay Mohr playing finger flick football in the fight against hunger. "Make a field goal, or you can miss it, it doesn't really matter. Whenever you do it, DiGiorno is gonna give $1,000 to Feeding America. He's gonna split the uprights, and it's good! Oh my God, it's good!"

Speaking of fundraising, we've been invited to the Legends for Charity dinner Thursday for St. Jude. We'll report on that for you Friday. With Josh Simon at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, I'm Lee Hall.