Media day at Indianapolis

By WEEK Producer
By Lee Hall

January 31, 2012 Updated Feb 1, 2012 at 11:35 AM CDT

INDIANAPOLIS -- Welcome to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the site of Superbowl 46.

Tuesday, we bring you Superbowl Media Day...and it is crazy.

For the first time ever, fans have been allowed to attend Superbowl Media Day. One columnist called it part interview session, part entertainment, and part freak show.

We saw a little bit of all that here today.

While we awaited Tom Brady, we found a "Brady Wanna-Be" in the stands, one of over 7,000 fans who paid to get into media day.

"Just getting to get into the stadium and see all of the banners, and the lights and the sounds, and then the players are gonig to be out here," said the fan. "I think it's well worth the money."

Media day is often times more about the media than the players.

"It is the foam finger, camera hand," explained a woman. "Gets above the crowd, awesome."

There was the reporter from Mexiso wearing his camera on his forehead, while one guy was touting the year of the dragon.

They were here from Hollywood asking some odd questions.

"I've got four Tom Brady haircuts, and you can tell me which one you like the best," said a VH1 reporter.

The guy in the leather helmet is from VH1. Denmark TV was represented as well.

"It's a sport that has been on for more than 20 years now in Denmark," said Henrick Levysohn of football, "and every year, it's grown so it's getting big."

Nick Toons was here, too, with their very own superhero, "Pick-Boy".

"Basically, I'm the world's greatest picking superhero," said Pick-Boy. "I'm awesome at the produce section at the supermarket finding, you know, do I go with this rutabaga, or this one. Boom. I'm never wrong there."

And we are your ticket for Superbowl coverage on Sunday. That begins at 11 o'clock on WEEK.