• Bloomington Central Catholic celebrates their Super Bowl Patriot

    Michael Hoomanawanui will represent Bloomington Central Catholic in the Super Bowl as a New England Patriots tight end. No one is more excited than his dad, Isy.

  • Michael Hoomanawanui- 2005 Story

    Bloomington Central Catholic grad Michael Hoomanawanui will play in the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots Sunday. 10 years ago, Michael was making NFL type catches for the Saints in the Corn Belt Conference. Here's our 2005 story on Michael.

  • Colton's Sophomore Season

    Former ISU Redbird Colton Underwood preps for his second year in the NFL.

  • Ryan Newman visits Peoria

    The new look Cat Racing car is ready for the Sprint Cup 2015 Series and Cat driver Ryan Newman stopped in Peoria to unveil the car's new graphics look.

  • Home Grown Rivermen

    PEORIA, Ill. -- One of the reasons for the success of the Rivermen this season is a home grown player.

  • Rivermen find gold in west

    PEORIA, Ill. -- One of the best players on the Rivermen comes from a place that isn't known for producing hockey players.

  • Matheny Visits Peoria

    Cards manager Mike Matheny begins his third year in the St. Louis dugout in less than 100 days. The Redbirds skipper preached to the choir at a St.

  • Close Call

    Rivermen players get back to work today after witnessing a horrific injury at Saturday's game. Huntsville center Justin Cseter is lucky to be alive after an incident that the Rivermen won't soon forget.

  • Cardinals' post-season is a winner for area businesses

    PEORIA, Ill. -- The National League Championship Series opens Saturday in St. Louis and some local businesses are cashing in on the Cardinals' success.

  • Globetrotters

    The Bloomington Flex will tour China in October.

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