• Chiefs Human Highlight Reel

    Too often in the modern-day, wild world of sports, we hear about athletes who are more sizzle than steak. The Ochocinco's and the Terrell Owens of the world, known more for their off the field hi-jinks than their on the field performance.

  • Chiefs All-Stars

    Four Peoria Chiefs were voted into tonight's Midwest League All-Star game at Kane County. They are four shooting stars on an upward trajectory midway through the season.

  • Steamboat Classic- 39th annual

  • Runners set different goals for Steamboat Classic

    PEORIA, Ill. -- Thousands of runners packed Peoria's downtown streets Saturday morning for the 39th annual Steamboat Classic. But winning the race wasn't the most important goal for many of them.

  • Major Adjustment

    Ask any member of the Cornbelters and they'll tell you their ultimate goal is to reach the major leagues. They don't have to look far to find someone who has achieved that goal.

  • Chiefs shortstop Baez is top Cubs prospect

    Javier Baez has all the tools to become a big league star.

  • All-Star Do-Over

    Next week, four players will represent the Peoria Chiefs at the Midwest League all-star game, including Midwest League Pitcher of the Week Kyler Burke.

  • Peoria Chiefs' Hit-Streak All-Star

    Paul Hoilman rode a 24 game hitting streak into the Peoria Chiefs record book and the Midwest League All-Star Game.

  • Family Tradition

    You might recognize one name on the Cedar Rapids roster as they visit Peoria this week. Kernels pitcher Cam Bedrosian is a major league legacy, hoping to follow in his father's footsteps someday.

  • Peoria Chiefs win, 4-0, Baez goes 3-4

    Another big night for Chicago Cubs 2011 top draft pick Javier Baez.

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