• Dann The Man

    Peoria Chiefs manager Dan Bilardello brings major league experience to the dugout.

  • Rivermen begin new era in new league

    PEORIA, Ill. -- The Peoria Rivermen officially joined the Southern Professional Hockey League and signed a new league with the Civic Center.

  • Metamora's Caleb Terbush signs NFL contract

    Caleb Terbush has been added to the Arizona Cardinals NFL roster after an impressive workout over the weekend.

  • Simontacchi Says

    The Peoria Chiefs open a 9-game road trip tonight in Beloit. This year's coaching staff is made-up of three major league alums.

  • Peoria's Casey at the Bat

    Like many little brothers, Peoria Chiefs catcher Casey Rasmus seeks to live up to his big brothers legacy. In Casey's case, that is a major challenge.

  • The Guyton Light

    The Bloomington Flex looking to bounce back from a loss when they host Gary Friday night. That loss snapped a four-game win streak for the Flex, in their second year under head coach A.

  • Flex Appeal

    The Bloomington Flex come back home tomorrow night. A 7-0-5 start with Lake Michigan. A chance to see some good, pro basketball.

  • Bloomington's Prodigal QB

    The Bloomington Edge hop on the bus this weekend for a Saturday night visit to Tulsa. There will be a new quarterback in Bloomington's starting line-up.

  • Chasing the big league dream as an umpire

    Morton's Ryan Simmons is in his first year as a Midwest League ump. Just like the Peoria Chiefs players, Simmons is chasing his dream to some day call the big leagues his home.

  • Dann's the Man as Peoria Chiefs manager

    Dann Bilardello has taken over as the new Peoria Chiefs manager. Many of the current Chiefs played for Bilardello last year in Batavia.

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