Mac & Mac's Pick: An old man's bet pays off

By WEEK Reporter

October 18, 2013 Updated Oct 18, 2013 at 9:05 AM CDT

CORWEN, Wales -- Every grandfather probably thinks his grandchild is perfect for a while but it is a whole other matter to place a bet on it.

That's what Peter Edwards did.

Fourteen years ago, he placed a bet with a bookmaker that his grandson was a soccer natural, that someday the boy would play for the Welsh National Soccer Team.

Understand that the grandson in question was only 18 months old at the time.

On Tuesday, the now 16-year-old Harry Wilson became the youngest person to ever play for the Welsh team.

Grandfather Peter Edwards bet 50 pounds on his grandson at 2,500 to one odds.

Today Peter Edwards collected $200,000 from the bookie and announced he was retiring from his job.