Aussie Alligator Wranglers Report Reducing Reptile

By WEEK Producer

January 4, 2012 Updated Jan 4, 2012 at 11:18 PM CDT

Remember the Australian guys who had to rescue the lawn-mower after a big crocodile bit it? Well, they're back.

And this time, they've got a snake. She's a python named "Atomic Betty".

Betty, it seems, is like a lot of us -- putting on weight.

It took six people half an hour to carry the 21-foot snake to her annual weigh-in.

"Atomic Betty" was put on a diet last year because zoo keepers said she was gaining too much poundage.

Atomic Betty weighed in at 302 pounds today, which was four pounds heavier than last year but within zoo keepers' expectations.

"We've had her on a bit of a diet. She only had three or four goats this year. That's okay. She's big enough," said Tim Faulkner, a zoo keeper caring for Betty.

Well, which is it, three goats or four?

That's kind of sloppy record-keeping.

Betty used to enjoy ten goats per year, but then, who wouldn't?

She can eat a goat in half an hour, but it takes up to a week for her to digest it.