Mac & Mac's Pick: The great Florida Python hunt

By WEEK Creative Services

February 18, 2013 Updated Feb 18, 2013 at 11:39 PM CDT

MIAMI - DADE FL. -- Over the weekend, the month-long official Florida state Python Hunt ended. Probably fewer snakes than you might think were caught...and some were released.

1500 hunters signed up for the Florida Python Challenge but the round-up ended with a mere 68 snakes captured.

Saturday, the hunter who bagged the most snakes--18 in all--took home $1500.

The hunter who rounded up the longest reptile --more than 14-feet-- was given $1,000.

And three big male snakes were released back into the Everglades. The snakes -- outfitted with transmitters -- will lead wildlife experts to breeding females.

That's the hope anyway.