Mac & Mac Pick: Panda Love

By WEEK Producer

April 4, 2012 Updated Apr 4, 2012 at 10:37 PM CDT

Sweetie met her intended mate, Sunshine, at Edinburgh Zoo just a day ago.

Sunshine did some stretching and handstands to show his attractiveness.

Sparks flew, there was "vocalization," lots of encouragement, some physical contact, but the prospective lovers did not close the deal.

Which puts an end to the Panda birth hopes for a year, since the Giant Panda only comes into season for 36 hours a year!

Although both Sweetie and Sunshine have been parents before they're still inexperienced with each other.

So, they've got another 363 days to get used to each other.

Meanwhile, they're munching their way through nearly 110 pounds of bamboo a day.